simply local: board & brush

Yesterday, I took my first class at Board & Brush, and I have to say — I’m hooked.

I have never been much of a do-it-yourself-er, but I love the idea of it. I enjoy watching shows where people embark on DIY projects, and on several occasions, I have even tried to build things for my home — with a very low success rate.

So when my best friend suggested we go to a DIY wood sign workshop, I was slightly skeptical about what the outcome of this workshop would be, but regardless of my lack of skills in this department, it sounded like fun.

Prior to the class, we had to select the type of wood project that we wanted to create. Board & Brush has a variety of wood sign styles and customization options to choose from on its website. I chose an 18-inch round tray with the word “cheers” on it, accompanied by a floral design, and Deana chose a planter with the phrase “let love grow.”

On the day of the class, we walked into a studio filled with avid-DIY-ers. I walked up to our table expecting to see a round wooden board ready to be painted with my chosen stencil; but instead, I was greeted by a round piece of unfinished wood, hammers, meat tenderizers and chains.

I quickly learned that this was much more than a pick-your-project-and-paint-it type of class. We sanded our wood, and then weathered it with the tools on the table (I highly recommend using this part of the class as a stress reliever!). We then stained the wood, added as wash, applied the stencil and painted it to reveal the final product. I even got to convert my tray into a lazy Susan for my kitchen!

At the end of the class, I walked away with a finished product that I am proud to display and excited to use. The class was simple to follow, and the instructors give you all of the tools you need to create a wood project that is truly a reflection of your own personal style. I know that I will definitely be going back again soon, and who knows — maybe with a few more classes I will become the DIY-er I have always aspired to be!

Board & Brush has locations in more than 30 states, so if you are not a New Jersey native, not to worry! For more information about Board & Brush classes available near you, click here!

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