stay golden with aurelia studios

aurelia studios opened exclusively online in 2020 as a way to make yoga and meditation accessible from home during the pandemic. lizzy scully, owner of aurelia studios, speaks about her studio, what it means to be a business owner and why she loves what she does.

“Inhale, 2, 3, 4, exhale, 2, 3, 4…” Lizzy Scully, owner of Aurelia Studios, LLC, says calmly as she warms up her virtual Golden Vinyasa class. Students have their cameras on in the Zoom session as they follow along with Lizzy’s every move. The class starts with an inspirational quote and setting an intention before progressing into an hour-long yoga sequence and ending with savasana. Before logging off, Lizzy always provides her students with a message of peace and gratitude.

Lizzy graduated from DeSales University with a B.A. in Musical Theatre in 2019. She is an actor, singer, dancer, dance teacher, director, playwright, and she now adds yoga instructor to her impressive resume. What started as a hobby for stress-relief and exercise, became a true passion over time. She started a 200-hour yoga teacher training program in New Jersey and obtained her certification as a Registered Yoga Alliance instructor in June of 2020.

While many businesses struggled in 2020, Lizzy saw an opportunity for a modified yoga experience – live yoga classes conducted over Zoom. She began to create a business plan, and opened Aurelia Studios, LLC, in September 2020. “I wanted to help people feel connected to themselves, discover their inner confidence, and find a healthier state of mind,” Lizzy said. “I wanted to help people, especially during this time, find inner peace and meditate on the good things in their lives, even though it’s very difficult right now.”

The word “Aurelia,” means golden one in Latin and Greek translations, and so she chose “Aurelia” as the name of her yoga studio because she feels that there is an inner light in all of us. “After you go through the whole yoga practice with me and you feel energy running through your body, it’s like having light radiating throughout you, helping you feel like you have reached your highest self.”

Lizzy offers several classes six days a week that are all inspired by the meaning of “Aurelia.” Golden Vinyasa Flow is a slower class with a more gentle flow and pace. Radiant Warrior mixes the gentle aspects of Golden Vinyasa with a little bit of fire. It has a comfortable flow that will help build your strength. Glow Flow builds up the fire from Radiant Warrior by adding in more challenging poses and incorporating more balance and core movements. Yoga for Artists is a 30-minute class focused on breath, yoga, and meditation, geared toward helping individuals set intentions for their work and creative flow. Lizzy has also expanded her teaching portfolio by offering yoga for schools, businesses and other larger groups. While her classes span different difficulty levels, she says that beginners through advanced yogis can benefit from any of the classes.

Her students are her main focus, and she works on creating new sequences for every class so that students are always feeling challenged. Each class is intended to fulfill the mind, body and spirit connection through movement and yoga. “I really love movement as a dancer, choreographer and director,” Lizzy said. “Challenging yourself through movement every time you come to class is huge.”

Challenging others – and herself – is a big part of why she wanted to open her own studio. “It has opened up another side of me,” she said. “I have always wanted to own my own business, but I never thought it would be this soon out of college, during my first full year out. I think it is empowering to young women my age and women in general to have their own businesses and be confident in what they do.”

Confidence is key, especially when you have to run a new business entirely online. Lizzy has worked on creative ways to engage her audience, but says maintaining her social media presence is like a second job. From TikTok videos to Instagram posts, she is constantly creating content to reach out to people interested in trying or taking yoga.

“Getting people to move in a time when they have been used to staying in and hunkering down has been difficult,” she said. “Not only that, but creating a studio space in my own home, going out and taking creative photos – it’s all things I have not had to do or think about before.”

Despite the challenges, she truly enjoys helping people focus on their wellbeing, and not on what is going on around them. It also is an outlet for her, especially during the pandemic. “I like to think of teaching yoga as me putting on a show or production, and it has really gotten me through all of this,” she said. “It really feels like I am performing, but it is a lot more relaxed. Yoga combines all of the things I like to do. Directing and writing my own sequences and getting to share them with my students is powerful.”

To find out more about Aurelia Studios or to sign up for classes and subscribe to become a Radiant Warrior, visit Single classes are available for purchase, as well as a variety of class packages.

travel guide: nashville, tn

Nashville is by far my favorite city I have ever visited in the U.S. The country music, hot chicken and live bands almost everywhere you go are just some of the reasons that I fell in love with this Tennessee city.

I went to Nashville with a few of my friends in 2017, and since then, I have been itching to go back (thankfully I am going back later this year!). From doing a pedal tavern in a rainstorm and celebrating the Nashville Predators winning two Stanley Cup games, to talking about how we pretended to be a bachelorette party on the radio, it is safe to say that our trip to Nashville was full of adventures! Read on below for some of my favorite activities and places we visited while we were there!

Where to Stay

Courtyard by Marriott Nashville Downtown
Just two minutes away from the historic Ryman Auditorium, the former home of the Grand Ole Opry, and a short walk to Lower Broadway, the main street of bars and restaurants downtown, the Courtyard is a great location to stay at while in Nashville. The hotel has clean, comfortable rooms and a Starbucks — the perfect combination to kickstart a full day in Music City!

What to Do

Grand Ole Opry Tour
Normally, I would recommend seeing a show at the Grand Ole Opry if possible, but unfortunately, there were no shows scheduled when we visited. I still wanted to check out this important piece of Music City’s history, so my friend Allie and I jumped in an Uber and spent an afternoon touring the Grand Ole Opry. Having the opportunity to go backstage and even step foot on the Opry stage is something I will never forget! Find out more about the backstage tour here!

Join the Studio Audience at The Ty Bentli Show
Formerly known as the Ty, Kelly & Chuck show, the Ty Bentli Show on Nash FM is one of my favorite radio programs to listen to. When I found out you can be a part of the studio audience, I knew it was a must for my trip to Nashville. As someone who works in media, it was great to see Ty and Chuck in action. They were incredibly welcoming, and they even gave me an opportunity to be part of the show! After the show, we got to tour the other studios in the building, and we even learned how to line dance with Shawn Parr from Nash Nights Live! Whether you listen to Ty’s morning show every day or hear it for the first time while in Nashville, this is an experience I highly recommend! Click here to learn more about how to join the audience!

Nashville Pedal Tavern
When you walk around in Nashville, you are bound to see groups of people pedaling through the streets, singing songs and drinking. While there are several different pedal taverns to choose from, we chose Nashville Pedal Tavern and had a great time. Unfortunately, it was pouring out the day we were scheduled to ride, but Nashville Pedal Tavern employees provided us with ponchos and a driver who made the day so much fun despite the bad weather! The Pedal Tavern also stopped at a few bars along the way, giving us an opportunity to explore parts of Nashville we had not been to yet. Book your bike tour here!

Lower Broadway
Lower Broadway is a must for your Nashville getaway. No matter where you go, there is live music playing all day and night. The bands are so talented and they all take requests. Some of our favorite spots include Tootsies, Honky Tonk and Nudie’s!

The Gulch
Have you ever seen pictures of the famous wall murals in Nashville? My favorite is this one pictured here: “What Lifts You?” created by Kelsey Montague! You can check them out in person by visiting The Gulch. A short ride away from downtown, The Gulch also has some great boutiques and restaurants, including a few of my favorites: Kittenish and Biscuit Love.

Belle Meade Winery
Belle Meade Winery just exudes southern hospitality. We booked a food and wine pairing with one of their sommeliers, and it was such a great experience. We got to taste Belle Meade’s award-winning wines, pair them with foods and learn about the proper ways to taste wine. After our pairing, we were able to enjoy the property while sipping on a few bottles of wine and snacking on some cheese and crackers. The best part is that they ship wine to almost all states, so you can enjoy Belle Meade’s wines long after you leave Nashville!

Two words: Goat. Yoga. This is definitely not something I ever thought I would try, but when I visited Nashville for my friend’s bachelorette party, this was at the top of the agenda. The goats are incredibly cute and playful, and are ready to climb all over the yogis in the room! They are even willing to pose for some fun pictures at the end of the session!

Where to Eat

Biscuit Love
We may have waited two hours in the hot, Tennessee sun, but Biscuit Love was well worth the wait. This is the first restaurant we stopped at once we hopped off the plane, and from fluffy biscuits to large mimosas, Biscuit Love did not disappoint! Make sure you try a Bonut (fried biscuit dough) while you are there. I promise you, you will not regret it!

Pancake Pantry
This was my favorite breakfast spot we ate at while in Nashville, and we all agreed that the food was amazing. I am a big fan of breakfast, and Pancake Pantry exceeded all of my expectations. From the best crepes to melt-in-your-mouth hash browns, I am still dreaming about this meal!

Hattie B’s Hot Chicken
Hattie B’s Hot Chicken has some of the best hot chicken around Nashville. You can’t go wrong with a hot chicken sandwich and a side of pimento mac & cheese!

Burger Republic
Declared one of Zagat’s 50 Burgers in 50 States, the Tennessee burger at Burger Republic is one of the best burgers I have tasted to date! Topped with a Jack Daniel’s honey glaze, maple bacon and crispy onions, this burger was absolutely delicious! Definitely make this one of your stops while in Nashville!

5th & Taylor
The drinks, appetizers and dinner coupled with a cozy, family-style ambiance makes 5th & Taylor the perfect place to go to celebrate a special occasion. Everything is delicious, especially the duck wings appetizer and the pork tenderloin with rattlesnake beans, peach and jalapeño.

These are just some of my favorite spots we visited during our weekend in Tennessee! I hope this travel guide inspires you to put on a pair of cowboy boots, blast some country music and travel to this amazing city!