chocolate covered oreos

Processed with VSCO with a5 presetI have to admit, I am a chocoholic, and I have my mother to thank for that. For as long as I can remember, my mom has been making and decorating chocolate. From chocolate-covered ice skates for one of my birthday parties to bridal shower favors and holiday-themed creations, she has both a passion and a knack for this craft. Over the years, she has passed down that love of making chocolate to me. While we always love making chocolate for events or holidays, lately, our go-to has been to make chocolate-covered Oreos.

Chocolate-covered Oreos have proven to be a hit at any gathering, whether it be a work function, graduation party or holiday. Chocolate-covered Oreos take two classics — chocolate and Oreos  and combine them in a fun, delicious way for all to enjoy.

To make approximately 35 chocolate-covered Oreos, you will need the following ingredients/supplies:

  • Oreo molds (I purchased mine from a local chocolate store, but Amazon has a similar mold available for purchase)
  • 1.5 – 2 lb. of chocolate melts (I prefer milk chocolate, but use your favorite type!)
  • 1 package of Oreo cookies
  • Colored chocolate melts
  • Small squeeze bottle(s) for decorating

D8FA519E-F605-413A-932D-0B7C38FFEDD1.JPGWhen it comes to melting chocolate, my mom and I have found that melting a handful or two of the chocolate melts at a time in the microwave is the fastest and most efficient way to work. We start by microwaving the chocolate in a small bowl for 30 seconds. We then stir the chocolate, and put it in for another 15 seconds. We repeat the stirring process and continue melting the chocolate for seconds at a time until it has a nice, smooth consistency. Every microwave is different, so be careful when heating the chocolate. If you overheat the chocolate, it will burn.

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Once the chocolate is melted down to the right consistency, we spoon it into the molds.We have found that this process works best for us in terms of coverage within the mold. The last thing you want are cracks in the chocolate once the Oreo is submerged!

It is important to work fast when it comes to filling the molds, as the chocolate tends to harden quickly. Once you have covered the bottom and sides of the mold, add an Oreo in, and cover it with more chocolate, so that it is completely surrounded by chocolate. Tap the middle of the mold to flatten out the chocolate on top of the cookie if need be. Repeat this step until all of the molds are filled.

Processed with VSCO with a5 presetOnce that is complete, place the molds into the freezer for 20 minutes. After 20 minutes are up, remove the molds from the freezer and turn the molds over to remove the Oreos. Lightly pressing on the mold should release the Oreos easily. Place them on wax paper for decorating.

Here is where you can get creative. Melt your colored chocolate down using the same process you used for melting the chocolate for the Oreos. Once the colored chocolate reaches the same smooth consistency as the regular chocolate, put it in the squeeze bottles and have fun decorating!

Once you are finished decorating the Oreos, be sure to keep the cookies in a room-temperature environment. Putting the Oreos in the refrigerator for storage can cause them to crack, so keep them in a container on the counter until you are ready to serve!

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