sweet dreams

On an absolutely frigid day like today, the last thing I want to do is leave my bed. Those who know me personally know that I rarely make time to stay home and relax, but when the temperature falls to single digits, I tend to bend that rule a bit.

When I do stay home, I feel like I truly get to enjoy the space that Connor and I have created here, and I love that. While I love our apartment, our bedroom has always been my favorite room. When I set out to decorate this room, I channeled my best Joanna Gaines vibes to create a space that would exude coziness, comfort and relaxation.

I chose a light, neutral color palette for the décor in the room to match our light gray walls. I wanted the room to always feel light and airy; I wanted it to be a place we can retreat to after a long day and instantly feel relaxed.

My favorite design element in our bedroom is the gallery wall behind our bed. I had started purchasing signs here and there, from stores like Hobby Lobby, Home Goods and Michaels. At first, I was not sure what I would do with the signs, but after searching for the perfect piece to put up behind our bed and not having any luck, I realized that I could create something unique for us.

To create the gallery wall, I laid out all of the signs on the floor. After rearranging everything several times, taking a few measurements and getting some additional input, the final version of the gallery wall was created. In my opinion, it is definitely the best part of our room!


We also found these great white shelves from Ikea for the walls and this white shelved corner piece from Macy’s to go underneath the television that is mounted on the wall. We utilize these shelves for décor items such as photos, signs, flowers and books; the pieces on the shelves tend to be reflections of us. I always try to move pieces around to change it up now and then, but most of the decorations on the shelves are year-round staples.

In addition to the décor items, I also wanted to make sure we had useful pieces of furniture in our bedroom. Aside from a mirrored dresser and two bedside tables, we also found this bench at Home Goods and mirror at Kirklands. These two items were the perfect pieces to fill space in the room that was otherwise empty. The bench has plenty of storage inside, and it is also a great option for extra seating when we have company!

Looking at the finished product, it is hard to believe that there was a point in time where we only had a mattress and blanket on the floor for several days until our furniture arrived. It is fun to think about how far this space as come from the empty room we moved into, now into a space where I would happily stay home to relax!

decorating for fall

Fall is absolutely my favorite time of year. The crisp, cool air, red-orange leaves scattered across the ground, pumpkin spice lattes and cozy sweaters are just some of my top reasons for loving this season. While the weather in New Jersey has not fully transitioned into fall just yet, our apartment certainly has!

I love decorating for fall because there are so many different looks that can be chosen for a space. It is easy to feel overwhelmed while walking through the aisles of stores like Home Goods, Hobby Lobby and Michaels at this time of year, but focusing on a few key design elements will narrow down your search for the perfect fall decorations and help you create a cozy environment for all to enjoy.

When I am shopping for decorations, I look for pieces that will reflect the season and fit seamlessly into my year-round design style. I love the welcoming atmosphere that is created by utilizing the warm reds and oranges of fall, but to blend it better with the color scheme of my apartment, I added in some neutral colors and some blues. Using a more neutral color palette provides more options for you as a decorator, and a few pops of color can really help bring the look all together.

I also look for decorations that will get me through an entire season. I picked up classic fall staples like pumpkins and candles, but I also found a few items that will transition our apartment from the start of fall all the way through the end of November. As tempting as it can be to buy new decorations each month, pieces like these help me create a more cohesive design and save money in the long run.

Focusing on smaller details and unique pieces is also important to me when I am decorating a space. I like the idea of incorporating something into my design style that cannot be bought “as is” in a store. To get that unique element for fall, I picked up a bunch of separate flower stems and combined different styles and colors together to create an arrangement for our standing vase. I utilized some of the fall colors I found for my decorations, but I also kept the majority of it neutral so that it could tie together the look of the warm, cozy atmosphere I set out to design.

No matter what season it is, my goal is to create a space where our family and friends always feel welcome in our home. I hope these tips help you create and decorate your own space for fall!