winter slumberland

Connor and I absolutely love the Christmas season, and celebrating with our friends is one of our favorite parts about this time of year. To officially kick off the holiday season and the countdown to Christmas, we hosted our second annual Winter Slumberland event!

Winter Slumberland is a brunch idea that we came up with where everyone invited shows up in their best Christmas jammies and we eat, drink and be merry! From brunch, mimosas and holiday-inspired desserts to Christmas movies and spending quality time with each other, Winter Slumberland is definitely one of our favorite parties we have ever hosted! Read on below to see how we prepared for this fun holiday brunch!



To get ready for Winter Slumberland and the holiday season, we decked out the apartment with Christmas decorations. This year, we decided on a blue and silver Christmas tree. With some neutral decorations and pops of red, we worked to transform our apartment into a winter wonderland!

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Once the apartment was decorated, it was time to focus on the menu for Winter Slumberland. From French Toast Casserole and bagels, to quiche, monkey bread and Oreo truffles, there were plenty of options and sweet treats! We also made some holiday treats that were almost too cute to eat! Read on below for some of these fun holiday recipes!

Christmas Tree Brownies

This recipe was so much fun and simple to construct. Start by making your favorite type of brownies and let them cool (for approximately 15 people, we made two boxes). Once cooled, cut the brownies into triangle shapes and add in a small piece of candy cane at the bottom for the tree trunk. Then, we used food coloring to dye vanilla frosting green. With a piping bag, we created a zigzag pattern on the brownies, and we topped them with some crystal and pearl sprinkles for ornaments! Last, but not least, star sprinkles for the tops of each tree!

Santa Hat Pancakes

Another easy holiday recipe! Stack several mini pancakes on large toothpicks (we used six to eight pancakes per stack). Cut the tops of strawberries off to remove the stems and create an even base. Slide a strawberry on top of the pancake stack, and top it with a mini marshmallow! Sprinkle some powdered sugar over the pancake stacks before serving!

Snowman Donut Kebabs

These snowman donut kebabs only require 4 ingredients to make! Stack three mini powdered donuts on a kebab stick. Use a piece of fruit rollup to tie a “scarf” on top of the second donut. Then, add an orange gumdrop nose in the first donut and two green gumdrop buttons in the other two. Finally, add in eyes made out of coal by using black food coloring!

With tons of food to eat, mimosas, coffee, and hot chocolate flowing, and a room full of friends, we spent the day lounging, laughing and celebrating the true meaning of holiday spirit: togetherness.

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decorating for fall

Fall is absolutely my favorite time of year. The crisp, cool air, red-orange leaves scattered across the ground, pumpkin spice lattes and cozy sweaters are just some of my top reasons for loving this season. While the weather in New Jersey has not fully transitioned into fall just yet, our apartment certainly has!

I love decorating for fall because there are so many different looks that can be chosen for a space. It is easy to feel overwhelmed while walking through the aisles of stores like Home Goods, Hobby Lobby and Michaels at this time of year, but focusing on a few key design elements will narrow down your search for the perfect fall decorations and help you create a cozy environment for all to enjoy.

When I am shopping for decorations, I look for pieces that will reflect the season and fit seamlessly into my year-round design style. I love the welcoming atmosphere that is created by utilizing the warm reds and oranges of fall, but to blend it better with the color scheme of my apartment, I added in some neutral colors and some blues. Using a more neutral color palette provides more options for you as a decorator, and a few pops of color can really help bring the look all together.

I also look for decorations that will get me through an entire season. I picked up classic fall staples like pumpkins and candles, but I also found a few items that will transition our apartment from the start of fall all the way through the end of November. As tempting as it can be to buy new decorations each month, pieces like these help me create a more cohesive design and save money in the long run.

Focusing on smaller details and unique pieces is also important to me when I am decorating a space. I like the idea of incorporating something into my design style that cannot be bought “as is” in a store. To get that unique element for fall, I picked up a bunch of separate flower stems and combined different styles and colors together to create an arrangement for our standing vase. I utilized some of the fall colors I found for my decorations, but I also kept the majority of it neutral so that it could tie together the look of the warm, cozy atmosphere I set out to design.

No matter what season it is, my goal is to create a space where our family and friends always feel welcome in our home. I hope these tips help you create and decorate your own space for fall!